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Visa support. Russian visa for tourists arriving to St.Petersburg.

Cruise-ship passengers are permitted to visit Russia, St.Petersburg without visa for a period of up to 72 hours. For cruise passengers participating in our private excursions no visa is required. You can read more about the Visa-free program.

Cruise Passengers not participating on tours and wishing to disembark as well as all foreign citizens wishing to visit Russia need to obtain a Russia tourist visa in order to enter the Russian FederationCruise Passengers won’t be permitted ashore if they don’t present a valid passport,which does not expire within 30 days of the last day of the cruise, a Russian visa and a voucher issued by a Russian travel agency or another authorized organization.

You can’t obtain a visa in Russia. It is possible to do it in the country of residence befor departure.

Visas are issued by Russian Embassies/Consulates upon presenting the official invitation from a Russian company or resident and paying the consular fee. Official invitation or so-called visa-support letters are required for all types of visas. It is the first thing you need to get before applying for Russian visa.
Travel agency MarkoTour is registered in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can send invitation for tourist visa to citizens of all countries. There are several types of Russian visa among them the most popular are tourist and business visas.

The tourist visa is applied only for a short period up to 30 days and for one or two entries to Russia. In order to get a tourist visa to Russia, you need to have an invitation (visa support) which consist of two documents: a standard tourist confirmation and voucher from authorized Russian travel agency, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will send you invitation for the tourist visa by email or fax.

If you plan to travel to Russia very often or plan to stay in Russia for a long time up to one year we recommend to obtain in the Russian Consulate in your country a business visa, for which we can send you the invitation. Choose from two options:
— Invitation:
You will receive fax and e-mail of the official invitation from Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Originals can be sent by express mail for your account(at the additional fee established by express mail depending on the destination).
— Telexes to the Russian consulate.
The invitation will be send by telex directly to the Russian Consulate where you will apply for your visa and you’ll just need to know the telex number when you apply.
It is recommended to begin Russian Visa process 2-3 weeks before your trip. 

Tourist invitation can be obtained free of charge in case of booking a hotel or apartment in any city of Russia through our company


Number of entries Period of stay in Russia Time of issuing
15 minutes
One or two 1 month 20
SHORT STAY in Russia (till 3 months)
Number of entries Period of stay in Russia Time of issuing
30 days
(original in St.Petersburg)
2-3 working days
3-5 working days (Теlex) 5-7 working days (Теlex)
One 1 month 27 136 125 130
3 months 32 148 127 134
Two 1 month 28 141 134
3 months 33 155 148 136
LONG STAY in Russia (till 12 months)
Number of entries Period of stay in Russia Time of issuing
30 days
(original in St.Petersburg)
15 -17 days
(original in St.Petersburg)
13 days (Telex) 16 days (Telex)
multiply 3 months 43 82 205 164
6 months 52 82 205 164
12 months 61 82 209 186
All rates are quoted in EURO

Russian Embassies and Consulates in Europe

Austria.  BelgiumBulgaria  Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Croatia.   Cyprus .  Czech Republic.   Denmark.   Estonia.  Finland.   France.   Germany.  Great BritainGreece.    Hungary.   Iceland.    Ireland.  Italy.  Latvia.   Lithuania    Luxemburg.   Macedonia.   Malta.    Netherlands.    Norway.    Poland.    Portugal.   Romania .   Serbia .   Slovakia.  Slovenia.    Spain.    Sweden.    Switzerland.