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Subway ride

St.Petersburg metro was opened on the 15th of November, 1955 and originally had just 8 stations: from Plozhad' Vosstaniya to Avtovo. Those are the most beautiful stations of all. At the moment there are 4 lines 102 km long, 59 metro stations and 62 metro vestibules. Every day the metro transports from 2,5 - 4 million people. Its capacity is not enough. The 5th line is currently under construction. It will allow to make main stations less crowded and spread the passenger flow more evenly. Construction works are very slow and costly. St.Petersburg grounds are marshy and unstable. Metro should be secure enough and water proof. Major stations lie deep under the ground and riverbed. The longest escalator at Plozhad Lenina will take you 66m deep.  St.Petersburg is considered the deepest metro in the world at its average depth.

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