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Art collection in Russian museum in St.Petersburg

The Museum of Russian Art in St. Petersburg is the largest museum of Art in the world. The collection of Russian Museum occupies 5 ancient palaces in the center of St. Petersburg and has about 400 000 works of art and shows the history and the development of Russian Art from ancient time to our days.

The idea of foundation of the State Russian Museum appeared at the beginning of the 19th century after Russian victory in the war against Napoleon. As a result of a great patriotism and a great interest in Russian history and culture, galleries of Russian Art in the Hermitage and in the Palaces of the Russian nobility were opened. In 1898 by the order of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II State Museum of Russian Art was opened in the former Palace of Grand Prince Michael. Michael's Palace was built by C. Rossi in 1819-1825 for the younger brother of Alexander I. The architect was well-known as a master of architectural ensembles. Palace it self, all details of the interior decoration from floor to ceiling, all area around the Palace with parks, streets, squares - everything was designed by Rossi. In the middle of the 19th century Palace of Michael was a center of musical and artistic live of St.Petersburg. In that time, a lot of balles, receptions and concerts were held in this Palace.

In 1895 Palace was bought by the State, especially for the Museum of Russian Art. But the heirs of Grand Prince Michael sold Palace to treasuries completely empty. An architect Svinín directed the reconstruction and the adaptation of the building for the museum.

The Museum of Russian Art has one of the largest collections of fine art, applied art, Russian folk art. The collection embraces the history of Russian art from 10th century to modern times. Reflects virtually every form and genre of art in Russia, including the only collection of ancient Russian icons, paintings, graphic art and sculpture, decorative and applied arts, folk art and numismatics, as well as the best collection of Russian avant-garde.

Today the only Russian museum collection including a rare opportunity is detailed and thorough study of the development of artistic and cultural ideas in Russia.

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