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Cruiser Aurora

Cruiser Aurora is probably the main symbol of October Revolution and the most recognizable symbol of Leningrad and present day St.Petersburg.

The cruiser was launched on the 11 of May 1900. It was constructed to strengthen the Russian Navy in the Pacific. At that time Russian relations with Japan were very tough and a military conflict was inevitable. In September 1903 the cruiser left St.Petersburg port (Kronshtadt) to take a long journey to the Far East. It only reached South Africa when the news of Port Arthur capture by the Japanese fleet arrived. Further voyage was impossible and Aurora returned to the Baltics.

Her next voyage was both disastrous and lucky. Severely damaged in Tsushima battle of 1905 (Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905), the cruiser miraculously escaped complete destruction and reached the neutral Manila port on the Philippine islands.

In 1917 the Aurora's crew took an active part in the February and October revolutions. On the 25th of October it gave a blank shot and signaled the storm of the Winter palace (headquarters of the Provisional Government) by Bolsheviks. Since then, cruiser Aurora remains the most famous symbol of the Russian revolution.

Nowadays, Cruiser Aurora is a year-round free-entranced public museum. Any visitor can climb onboard and walk on her deck.

open: 10.30-16.00

days off: Mondays, Fridays.
address: Petrovskaya embankment

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