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Russian Folk Show "Feel yourself Russian"

It is difficult to visit all sightseeing in St. Petersburg. But there is no doubt, that without the folk show "Feel yourself Russian" at the Nikolaevsky Palace your visit wouldn't be completed. This show is the unique opportunity to experience the history and spirit of Russia during one evening.
We offer you to enjoy this enchanting festival of Russian spirit!
The show starts with dance group "Reverance", the beautiful ladies in their crinolines and the elegant cavalier, accompanied by the "Classica" string quartet. It is followed by a folk instruments ensemble "The Souvenir" with their brilliant performance of folk compositions. Then a Cossack song and dance company "Maidan" reproduces on stage Cossack songs and dances in their original form. The skilful musicians of "Naigrysh", a folk instruments quartet, perform versions of the famous Russian tunes and the folk music of various nationalities.
The dancers of "Petersburg Stars" have their own repertoire: dancing miniatures of the Urals and Siberia.


The show starts at 19:00 and 21:00, lasts 2 hours.


Price 90 USD.

In ticket price is included a buffet table with Russian vodka, red and black caviar.

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