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Excursiones in Peterhof and Pushkin

Fountains of Peterhof and legendary Amber Room in Catherine Palace in Pushkin

Meeting with your highly qualified guide in the lobby of the hotel.

We invite you to two summer residences of the royal family in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

Excursion begins with the Catherine Palace in Pushkin-the example of illustrious Russianbaroque style. The main decoration of the Palace according to the tastes of the owner was carved and gilded wood. The French diplomat his visit to the Palace said that the architect missed one detail: «a glass case for extra protection for the Catherine Palace.» It was rumored that the roof of the Palace was built of pure gold. On sunny days the golden ornaments of the Catherine Palace looked like sparks. The English traveler called it «the most complete triumph of barbaric taste.» More than 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the interior decoration of the Palace and fasades of the building with numerous statues, 6 tons of amber were used for the legendary Amber Room.

After that you will visit Peterhof, the most spectacular residence in the suburbs of St. Petersburg called «The Capital of Fountains» or «Russian Versailles». Water for the fountainsis supplied by a gravity-fed water system, 22 km long, skillfully designed  to exploit the natural slope of the terrain. This system  does not use pumps and supplies enough water for about 180fountains and 5 cascades of Peterhof during whole day from 10a.m. till 5p.m.. The water flows through a system of canals, manmade ponds and pipelines for its natural course. During the tour will visit the Grand Palace which was one of the official summer Palaces of Russiantsars. For two centuries, the tsars used Grand Palace as a place for important celebrations, gala dinners and balls. Great drew sketches of his future palaces and parks.
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The Catherine Palace is closed on Tuesday and last Monday of each month.

The Grand Palace is closed on Monday and last Tuesday of each month. The parks are open daily.

Duration 8 hours

The prices include: professional guide, private transport, entrance tickets to the museums, permissions for photo / video.

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