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Drawbridges during Night excursion of St. Petersburg, Russia.

We invite you to a night excursion of St. Petersburg. You will admire open drawbridgesacross the Neva River in the centre of the city. St. Petersburg ranks first in Russia and one of the first in the world by the number of bridges. The city currently has more bridges than days in the year (over 400 bridges), 26 of them are drawbridgesDrawbridges in St. Petersburgare opened each night duration navigation from may to october. Close to one o’clock at nightall bridges across the Neva River give way to large commercial vessels. It is an exciting spectacle which attracts many guests of St. Petersburg every night. The elegance of some bridges can be compared only with the beauty of the architectural ensembles and majestic buildings of the city.
We offer to make this fascinating excursion along the main embankments of St. Petersburg. During the tour you can admire several shifting drawbridges  of St. Petersburg including the most impressive such as the Palace Bridge, the Bridge of the Holy Trinity, Foundry Bridge.
During the night excursion our professional guide will tell about the most interesting facts in the history of the cultural capital of Russia. You will learn several mysterious legends of St. Petersburg.

Duration 3 hours.

 Cantidad de personas:   2   3  4-5  6-7  8-9  10-13  14-18
 Precio por persona, EUROS:  67  60  45  38  30   25   23

The prices include: professional guide, private transport.

Drawbridges during Night excursion of St. Petersburg, Russia. Fileds marked with [*] MUST be filled